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Agriculture is becoming a major issue for our world of tomorrow; it must constantly adapt to meet a challenging equation: an ever-increasing demand for agricultural products to feed the world’s (ever-growing) population while conserving resources and the environment. Mechanisation of agriculture and new technologies, as well as tomorrow’s farming techniques, will have a key role to play in meeting these challenges.

ALSAGRO is a forward-thinking company in the process of expansion. In order to pursue its development goals, ALSAGRO is regularly looking for new collaborators. Joining ALSAGRO means joining a responsible company that puts its employees first. A company that will be able to offer you many opportunities through its desire for development and the diversity of its business.

It is possible to apply via our website. Feel free to send us your CV as well as a cover letter. We will study your application carefully.

Recruitment process

1- Sending your application

Whatever your project (job search, internship, etc.), sending your application is the first step in joining ALSAGRO. Submitting your application via our website allows us to manage your application efficiently.

2- Analysis of your application

Once received, the application will be analysed internally. Your technical, interpersonal and language skills, as well as your professional experience will be studied in detail.

3- First contact

After analysing your application, if your application meets our expectations, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone to clarify certain points of your application, such as mobility or availability, and we will then organise an interview with you.